I'm proud to be partnering with Art League Houston for The Send Nudes Project.  Get your portrait done for Valentine's Day! A more intimate and personal gift than a quickly snapped selfie. 
An American Tradition
Sarah Goodridge, an accomplished American miniature painter, made a portrait of her own breasts to send to her lover Daniel Webster in 1828. She was 40 years old at the time. The painting is currently in the Met's collection. 
Body Positivity
All bodies are beautiful. It is difficult for us to evaluate ourselves fairly. This is a golden opportunity to see your beautiful self reflected back at you.
Drawings can be made not including the face, protecting the participant from future identification. However, no drawings will be done consisting entirely of genitalia.  
Participants have the option to not have their portrait used for portfolio purposes or shared by the artist. 
Safety and Comfort
Participants may bring a chaperone if they wish, and will have the option to model for a nude or a clothed portrait. 
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