I'm proud to be partnering with Art League Houston for The Send Nudes Project.  Get your portrait done for Valentine's Day, a special occasion, or just because! A more intimate and personal gift than a quickly snapped selfie. 
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Historical anecdotes, precedents to now
The nude figure is embroidered into the fabric of visual art as the focal subject in the formative discipline of life drawing which goes as far back as the 13th century. This special initiative is rooted and inspired by the anecdote of accomplished miniature painter, Sarah Goodridge, who painted, Beauty Revealed, an intimate portrait of her breast to send to her lover Daniel Webster in 1828 and now a part of the collection at the Met. In today's context, this point of connection is at your fingertips through the rise and common use of cell phones - hence the rise of the slang phrase "send nudes". The goal of this project is to provide a tasteful nuance to the exchanging of such an intimate gesture between partners or yourself while also reframing under the lense of body positivity.

Please note the following protocols:
What to Expect

Drawings for The Send Nudes Project do not use photographs at any point of the process. Each portrait session is two hours and drawn from life. The first hour consists of sketches of different poses. During a short break, the participant chooses the pose for the final drawing from the sketches. The final piece is drawn during the second hour. If the participant selects a framed drawing, the artist will frame the drawing for you the same day. 
Age Restrictions

Must be 18 years old or older.


A $60.00 deposit is required. Cancellations are not accepted due to limited appointment availability and scheduling.


Drawings can be made not including the face, protecting the participant from future identification. However, no drawings will be done consisting entirely of genitalia.  

Participants have the option to not have their portrait used for portfolio purposes or shared by the artist. 


Participants may bring a chaperone if they wish, and will have the option to model for a nude or a clothed portrait.
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