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Nyssa Juneau is a painter. She sells drawings through this website at accessible prices because she thinks that all persons should be able to enjoy art that's made by hand. Since 2017, Nyssa Juneau has not sold prints of any of her work. She is committed to continuing this practice so that every original work signed with her name will hold its value for the collector.

Juneau holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing, studied drawing installations with Phyllis Bramson at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and Interactive programming at Rice University, later using that knowledge to create an interactive geometrical program for her solo exhibition, “Three Sides to Every Story.” In 2015 she was a Rice University Authors, Editors, Composers, and Artists Honoree. In 2018, Juneau exhibited her paintings in the group exhibition Mythologies Louisianaises at Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans. The exhibition catalog is currently in the collections of Rice University, Louisiana State University, and the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. She is a graduate of the juried 2019 Artists INC program which concluded with a presentation at Houston's City Hall. Her works are in private and public collections. Her largest painting to date, an 8 ft. x 8 ft. painting commission she did at the age of 20, is still held in the collection of Louisiana State University 's College of Science. Juneau currently teaches linear perspective and drawing classes at Art League Houston.


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